“Looking to promote your app? Did you know it’s not enough to have a high download rate?”

MeshBean provides solutions that allow deeper ad engagementfor audiences, and reward them for it.

Now you’re about to start getting engaged users. Are you ready?

Before we start, I’d like you to check this case.

Mobiproxy started on April 2014 with our Advanced Package. Their ranking in app store has increased 82% and it has engaged 200% more users than ever before.



Aren’t the results astonishing? And this is not a single case. Most of our clients make it and you could be one of them…

How can I make it?

MeshBean is the largest mobile games-only platform to bring engaged audiences to your ad campaigns through a rewards based engagement advertising system. Leads directly interact and perform an action to allow deeper engagement with your campaign, and are rewarded for it in return. This leads to:

• Target the Right People

• 50,000 Daily Active User Base

• Super-High Retention Rate

• Greater Engagement for Your Offer

MeshBean delivers a real impact on deepening engagement with your users. In order to build better experience for your users, we offer 24/7 customer support along with real-time statistics and in-depth reporting. You’ll get to see what exactly you have accomplished by choosing to work with us.

What do you need to do?

Simple and Easy. No SDK or source code modification. Just pay as you go!

We support several different engagement packages to best fit your mobile advertising campaign needs. You could also set your own budget based on your goals with our Custom Package. Whether it’s a huge promotional push or looking for new market of engaged users, we have the solution for you.

Meshbean Engagement Program

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Advanced Package $50.00



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Custom Package

Self service.

Could set your own budget based on your goals.

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